Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make the Thesaurus Your BEST FRIEND!

When I am doing a project or if I am doing my work, I sometimes need some 'word help'. I go to my computer and tada! THE THESAURUS! I discovered the Thesauraus quite some time ago and I always use it.

Some time ago, I was on the computer doing random things. Moana was next to me and I saw her on the Thesaurus.
"Mum, what's that thing your on?" I asked
"The computer darling." she replied.
"No that sidebar thingy! What is it?" I asked again.
"Oh that! That's the Thesaurus." she responded. (I thought it was some sort of dinosaur when she said that)
"How does it work?" I questioned.
"Well, it gives you words that can make something sound more interesting. For example, if I wanted another word for 'pretty', I would select 'exquisite'!" she said.

Ever since that day, the Thesaurus has been my best friend! If you want to write with cool words, then use the Thesaurus writers!


  1. Yes, a thesaurus is key! especially if you do a lot of writing. It gets boring (both to read and write) if you always have to use the same words. It's nice to mix it up!!! Way to get the word out about making the thesaurus everyone's new friend. :)

  2. When I write I just get the Thesaurus out and ta da! Always keep it handy AubrieAnne (remember it isn't a dinosaur)

  3. 'Thesaurus! Make it your best friend!'
    So glad you have adopted the habit, D. XOX

  4. I love that picture, SO much :D


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  5. Hi The Creative Muslimah,
    I'll be adding you to my contacts below and I will start following you.