Friday, February 25, 2011

Have Artist's become too Artistic?

You may not know this, but when I am an adult, I would love to be an artist! As I draw, I look for inspiration and I sometimes go onto the internet. I went on the google and found out that, artist's have taken art to the next level, like this image:
This car is amazing! Wouldn't you agree? Art is offically been taken to the next level and all I can say to that is "WOOHOO!"
Maybe, when I get a car, I'll draw on it and make it as artistic as possible! Is that alright with you Moana?


  1. No such thing as TOO artistic! :)

  2. You're exactly right Donna! But I must say, this car is a work of art : )

  3. Oh! That it cool!
    Also, I'm updating everyone on the bookmark break challenge, and I see that you guys have another book. The only thing I can't tell is who read what. I know before, you had each read 2 books off the list, so you are both listed at 2 books a piece. Just shoot me a comment of who read teh 5th book or mark it on the list and I'll change it for ya guys! See ya around!

  4. Hi AubrieAnne,
    I read A little Princess. I'm going to fix it soon. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. He he - You'd certainly wanna know what the driver looked like 0 and be gutted if he was a an ancient bank manager or something. ;D Shah .X