Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cupcake Faeries

Today dtwlight and I did a Cupcake-Quickie-Course. We had so much fun and created some sweet treats that (almost) looked too good to eat - 
pink parasols with tiny white flowers, and frog princes
waiting by a toadstool for a kiss!

D's little box of take-home goodies soon disappeared
after we walked through the door:

And of my handiwork; well, I'd like to keep these two sweet things
 and just look at them for a little longer -

Cupcake Faeries - Who Knew?


  1. PRETTY!!!!!! They are making me hungry!

  2. PS, Yesterday, I tried to post on both of your guys' other blogs and for some reason they haven't been posting. Any ideas? Has anyone else mentioned this?

  3. Aww they were really adorable! I dont think I could eaten them:P Nice blog:) Just started mine. Writing about my married life as a model living in Norway. Welcome!

  4. AubrieAnne... I'm happy you liked our cupcakes AubrieAnne! About the other problem, I will try and fix it.
    Model With Ambitions... Welcome to our blog! I'll check out yours.

  5. AubrieAnne... Moana and I worked it out, and it was the WidgetClock.

  6. dtwilight...Yeah! I would have hated it if I couldn't write on your original blogs! I love them all!