Friday, February 18, 2011

Best Friends Forever

Do you have a BFF? A *real* BFF?  

I look at men in wonder sometimes. In admiration, really. Their ability to be up front and completely honest with their mates is something that many women find impossible to do. There are times when we tell white lies to our lady friends, to keep their egos bolstered – we’ve all done it. Well, who among us would be accused (or daring enough) to add to a friend’s woes – inflating the sorrow of an already broken heart, raising the topic of their bad hair day, their not-so-perfect manicure?
Ask any guy if they think two women can be best friends, and you will get yet another ‘honest’ answer, “No way! Girls whinge and moan about their buddies all day”.  What they don’t understand is that women are intricately woven. We’re opinionated, strong, delicate, complex creatures with personal experiences that reinforce our knowledge. We’re made up of many artfully combined facets. We’re not know-it-alls, no matter what men think.
Our friendships aren’t built around footy matches, pubs, the boasting of conquests, or the thrill of a cat fight.  Our bonds run deeper.  True, there is a little envy in all of us – competition the world has instilled. But we adore our lady friends, truly we do. Life without them would never be the same.
Occasionally, we connect with one true BFF with whom we can be completely honest, without causing insult.  We share secrets and opinions, and we’re there for each other - no matter what. When we find that person, we should make extra effort, take time to enjoy each other’s company, hold on and never let her go because some people are just meant to be together.

Time, these days, runs at triple pace, with commitments that begin at the crack of dawn and end, well, they never really end. And here’s where a lesson from men can be taken. The washing up can wait, the dinner can be late, and the ironing doesn’t need to be done. Blokes make time to spend with their mates, and ladies, so should we.
To sisterhood, to girl power, to good times and trust.  


  1. Beautiful post! I had a bestie once, not anymore. I do not where she is nor where she lives, or I hate saying this, even if she is alive. Yeah, her family's been going through some pretty tough times. But all I know is woman hold and share a deep bond, a bond inexpiable. Right now, you are my best friend, umm what you call that, a BBF! :)XD

  2. Thanks for this wonderful post, it's important to contemplate about such things as real, true friendship. I was once at an Islamic lecture about Men and women relationships in Islam, and the brother explained so correctly that men simply think in two colours, that is black and white. Or black ON white, rather. For them, everything is pretty straightforward (or so they claim), that's why they can be so honest. But then he said that we women think in multiple colours. Not just black on white, but rather in pink, blue, green, black, brown, purple, red, yellow, orange and so much more!! Our minds are much more complec (:-P) because usually we think about EVERYTHING before saying anything. :-)
    Thanks againf or this post.

    The Creative Muslimah @