Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Taking... the Love the Moment Challenge! Week 2

Hi bloggerholics,
It's another challenge, and that means revealing the truth! You all better be prepared.

The second challenge...
Watch a movie that you HATE! This will only spare 2 hours of your time. I want you to do your best and try your hardest, then tell me what the movie is. Popcorn might make this task a little easier!


  1. Oh, that's easy - I won't even need to popcorn it. The English Patient. I know, I know, many people love it, but it's just so incredibly SSSLLLOOOWWW. As Elaine Benes said, "Give me something I can use!"

  2. I think I could do this challenge as long as I had an essay to write in the mean time. lol. I often write my essays while watching movies and it helps to have either a movie I have seen a million times on or one I don't really like.

    I probably would write amazing essays while watching a Tarantino or Scorsese film. I just don't seem to get along with either of these directors. Tarantino's allows his characters to gives these speeches that just ruin the pacing of a film for me and sacrifice a lot as far a plot. And, Scorsese doesn't allow us to get close to his characters because we know he's just going to kill them off anyway. lol.

    I also don't like movies where no one talks! The script to The Black Stallion I swear only has like 5 lines in it! That drives me crazy. lol.

    Ok, I better stop there before this turns into a full on rant.

  3. Hello from a brand new follower who found you via 'Who's your editor'. What a great blog you have and a good task for me now what shall I punish myself with? Son has left behind 'Predator meets Freddy' or some equally horrible rubbish...I might need more than popcorn though for that..probably Valium!
    Great to 'meet you'.
    Please drop by and maybe follow if you fancy a laugh. I'd be delighted to welcome you.
    Warm wishes from a windy and grey UK
    Carol from
    - the blog that gives you laughter lines (put off yet?)

  4. Moana... I haven't seen it, but thank you for the advice. Every single time dad turns it on, he instantly turns it off!
    AubrieAnne... I agree AubrieAnne. When I watch Taranito and Scorsese, a shooting scene comes on. I watched the Black Stallion and it is so boring! I nearly fell asleep while watching it. Thank you for following us! I haven't seen 'Predator meets Freddy', but you have adviced me now on that. I've always wanted to go to the UK - I love cold weather!

  5. I'm trying to think of what movie this would be, but I just can't think of any. It would have to be one that was ment to be taken serious, but just cannot. One that's not bad enough to be funny and not good enough to be worth mentioning...don't know.

  6. That's alright escape. I don't know either.