Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Devine to Eat!

Last week, my aunt and my mum made a cake for a school fete. The cake turned out looking ~SPOOKY~

Yesterday, me and my mother made cupcakes for a fundrasier. They're dainty and pretty, almost too cute to eat!

But that won't stop me from sinking my teeth into a couple :)


  1. That cake is fabulous! How much fun! And the cupcakes are just darling! They are making me so hungry for something sweet! Yum-yum!

    I also like the current background you guys have. The boys are too cute on the header!

  2. Thanks AubrieAnne! We really appreciate it and my mum will be very pleased to hear your comment.

    Thank you for also commenting on the background. Moana and I are quite fussy when it comes to designing backgrounds and headers.

  3. Loving the new look!! How on Earth did you do all this? Marvellous. Wonderfully creative! They look - well - too good to eat! Shah. X