Saturday, March 5, 2011

Canberra Excursion

Hi everybody,
Sorry I haven't been around lately, but today I've created a new post. Yesterday, I went to Canberra (The capital of Australia) and because I'm learning about politics and Government I got to go to visit Parliament House. It's like the White House, except it's smaller. I went to the old Parliament house. This is a photo of it.
Old Parliament House

And this is new Parliament House. It's much more grander and larger than the old one.

New Parliament House
We went inside, and the floors the stairs even the walls were made out of Marble. It probably cost a motza to build! We saw paintings of Prime Minsters past, and there were many extremely busy people buzzing about. After that, we went to The House of Representatives and this is a photo. It's structured in the shape of a horse shoe.
The House of Representatives
The designer chose the colour green, symbolic of the gumtrees in Australia. We sat up in the public gallery, which are in the flanks. They have over 200 rules in The House of Representatives - my school has only got like 10 rules. They weren't in session, but still it was cool. After that, we went to the Senate. 

The Senate is fairly smaller than the House of Representatives. The designer was inspired by the bud of an eucalyptus tree, hence the red colour scheme. It's also structured like a horse shoe. They weren't in session either. Then, we went up onto the roof of the Parliament House.
The Roof of the Parliament House
 This is where the Australian flag proudly flies.
Lake Burley Griffin

War Memorial
We put red poppies in the walls representing the soldiers blood and we throw gold coins into the pond. We went into the War Memorial. An unknown soldier lies there. Flowers were placed around his gravestone.
That was my fantastic trip to Canberra!


  1. Ashamed to say I've never been - but hey, you can be our tour guide, when we eventually get there! xox

  2. I'll definitely be your tour guide when we go there! I know a lot about Canberra.